Tuli taivaan päällä - vuori veden alla
Fire above heaven - mountain under water
2022 work in progress

Heaven, Earth, Water, Mountain, Fire, Thunder, Marsh and Wind, place themselves in a relation with each other; below or above each other, as in the ancient Chinese divination text I Ching. By asking questions from the elements, a peculiar divination method is formed. The answers manifest in pairs of two elements. What kind of knowledge these element pairs will bring us in their answers? What does Fire above Heaven tell us, or what does it mean that Mountain is under Water? By researching the natural qualities and symbolics of the elements, through movement-based and visual practices, the answers are divined.

Through the project my interest is to combine the bodily movement practices with ceramic sculpting and put them in a dialogue together. I am exploring how the movement patterns, forms and compositions, found through the movement-based work, stagnate in the sculptures - to create stillness, that continues its interaction with the movements to come, creating a back-and-forth dialectic movement between body and material.

With this work I wish to encounter audiences that are willing to participate in the artwork. Together we will create a participatory performance -a collective divination moment. The performance is based on a collective workshop, where the audience is invited to form the performance with the artist. I’m interested in a collective and participatory format of art, that the workshop-performance represents, where the meaningfulness of the work is in the present moment, where new relations and realities in various levels of consciousness can be born. My motivation to this work comes from the challenge of sharing these relations and realities, that connect us in the natural phenomenons, elements and their qualities, the non-human and human, in a collective setting.

I am searching for a working method through which the mountains shift closer to us and the waters can travel over us.

The project will take place during 2022-2023 and is supprted by Taiteen edistämiskeskus.