Diaries, Dreams and Anais Nin, 2018

performance in Hotel la Louisiane, Paris

costume made of recycled cotton, tie-dyed, image transfers and embellishements

Diaries, Dreams and Anais Nin was a performance made in Hotel La Louisiane in 2018, during my exchange studies in Beaux Arts de Paris. The group show was curated by Anaid Demir. The work was an investigation of memory, experience, dream and wakefullness. In the performance I was reading specific parts of my personal diaries out loud (in finnish... maybe a translator would have been usefull...). The parts I chose to read were notes of my dreams, and notes of the diaries of Anais Nin, that I had been reading during the years of my diaries written. Some of the Nin’s texts that I referred were about her dreams. The costume I made for the performance had some of my family pictures and some other more random images trasferred into it.